Boilerplate is a clever WordPress starting theme from Lion + Panda

Featuring Bulma, Sass, Google Schema, and no fluff. It’s a great starting point.

Boilerplate Blocks make creating beautiful pages easy!

A core set of 20+ custom Gutenberg blocks with lots of options and unlimited expansion options

Lion + Panda Resource Library

Our custom Resource Library plugin lets you organize and distribute your materials such as posts, pages, downloads, links, vidoes, and anything else you can imagion

Lion + Panda Events

An event calendar that can go from simple to complex

Created by Lion + Panda

Lion + Panda’s sole focus is making your organization’s unique needs and vision a reality. By addressing your unique needs, we develop systems that engage your clients and your employees for optimal performance and success. Our strategies, solutions, and technologies are designed for your long-term vision.